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Enabling Natural Human-Robot Interaction

Our Technology

Programming robots is outdated - future robots will be instructed, not programmed!

Assistive Robots

Enabling robotic helpers

Service Robots

Enabling robotic teammates

Shared Mental Models

Shared knowledge across robots

One Shot Learning

Teaching new skills on the fly

Task Driven Dialogues

Instruction through natural language


Adding autonomy to new platforms

We are putting software behind this vision with our integrated cognitive robotic control architectures that enables task-based spoken natural language interactions with any kind of autonomous robot. Our software runs on any device with a Java VM and can be quickly and easily customized to different robots and tasks, using standard APIs as well as custom integrations, with interfaces to ROS, JAUS, and other middleware. It allows users to instruct new tasks and goals through natural language dialogues and also allows users to teach the robot new knowledge about objects, activities and task quickly in "one shot".

Products & Services

We offer a unique software platform that turns any robot into an interactive, teachable robot that can be directly instructed by its users and taught in natural language without any additional programming. We provide integration services to adat our software to your platform ant task

Custom Integration

We can integrate our software with existing robot platforms with through standard (e.g., ROS) or custom interfaces .

Domain Adaptation

Software components can be adapted to specific customer requirements (e.g., adapting language and corresponding concepts to specific tasks).

Custom Software Configuration and Setup

We offer to configure, install, and set up our software at the customer site to ensure everything works as expected.

Our Team

We have two decades of research experience on autonomous robots with natural language capabilities and formal human subjects evaluations of mixed initiative human-robot systems, resulting in peer-reviewed publications in top scientific venues and successful deployment of architectures in government and university research labs in North America and Europe.

We are now excited about bringing our software to the market!

Matthias Scheutz

President & CEO

He has extensive experience in designing and implementing integrated cognitive robotic architectures that can interact with humans in natural language and quickly acquire new knowledge from natural language instructions.

He is also the Director of the Tufts Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory and an expert in evaluating robot systems in rigorous human-robot interaction experiments.

Brad Oosterveld


He has extensive experience with all aspects of natural-language enabled robots, cognitive robotic architectures, and robot middleware.

Prior to joining Thinking Robots, Inc., Bradley was a senior research staff member at the Tufts Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory.

Marlow Fawn

Robotics Software Engineer

Will Becker

Robotics Software Engineer

Eric Wyss

Machine Learning Engineer


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